Sean Austin

AI Advisor

As AI Advisor, Sean brings over 15 years of world-leading experience in artificial intelligence and audio technology to support the Marketing Wiz team. His expertise in AI-driven solutions and extensive knowledge in product development enables him to guide and enhance the team’s strategy, ensuring that Marketing Wiz stays at the forefront of innovation and delivers outstanding results for clients.

Sean’s journey in AI began at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he founded an audio biometric analysis company, leveraging AI algorithms and advised by Dr. Schalk. He later joined Tunigo, which utilized AI for music curation and was acquired by Spotify in 2013. At Spotify, Sean led the global audio team in harnessing AI to create the world’s most influential streaming playlist, amassing over 30 million subscribers.

Seeking further challenges, Sean took on a product role at Fueled, where he led teams to build AI-powered products for startups and large enterprises alike. He then moved to Stockholm to work in a core ML product role with unicorn Klarna, enhancing their AI-driven payment solutions. Returning to New York, Sean became Chief Product Officer at startup aptihealth, leading the development of AI-based behavioral health solutions and growing the company to over $100 million in enterprise value.

At Marketing Wiz, Sean combines his extensive experience in AI, audio technology, and product development to provide invaluable insights and guidance. His support ensures the team delivers cutting-edge, AI-driven marketing strategies for a more intimate connection between businesses and their customers. When not advising the Marketing Wiz team, Sean enjoys exploring the latest advancements in brain science and machine learning at scale.
Specializes in: Artificial Intelligence, Audio Technology, Product Development, Machine Learning