The fact that the advent of digital technology has made the marketer's job a lot harder is old news today. Compared to the good old days of advertising, when all brands needed to concern themselves with were print, TV, radio, or out of home, the sheer number of options today is both exciting and daunting!

New media is continuously revealing better and faster ways of reaching people, presenting brands with ever larger opportunities to find and engage prospects. Even so, companies need to understand that in such a diverse ecosystem, people still need to be put first. It is crucial that technology, which despite its increasing complexity is not allowed to dictate our decisions.

This was the vision which led Craig Hall to found Marketing Wiz. His team includes experienced, tech savvy, talented marketing professionals, copywriters, graphic designers, and digital analysts, all of whom share his passion for rekindling the spark of real human connection between brands and their patrons in a world becoming increasingly robotized.

We believe that real marketing is all about building deeper, more meaningful relationships with both your external and internal audiences, which is what we help you achieve.

It is because of our obsession with connecting the right product or service with the right people that we start by gaining a good understanding of why your brand exists. This includes getting insights into who your customers are, why they buy what they buy, and more specifically - why they prefer to buy from you.

Once we know who we are talking to, we get busy figuring out what to say to them. Leveraging your brand's unique story and values, we craft entertaining and educating marketing content to connect you with your audience.

Finally, we harness the latest in digital marketing technologies and data sciences to understand how to reach your audience. Crunching big data, we look for the latest trends in your industry, and find out where your audience spends most of its time.

We combine technology with experienced insight, visionary strategy and human intelligence to scale your brand’s ability to establish and nurture lasting connections.