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Elizabeth Delos

Marketing & Client Relations

"'Love what you do, and do what you love’. This mindset drives my approach to relationship management and financial marketing."

Liz Delos brings over 12 years of marketing & client relationship management to the Marketing Wiz team. She is hands on with all our clients, and works daily with the Marketing Wiz team to ensure each client project has consistent and relevant messaging to encompass their financial brand. Keeping an open dialogue with our clients, Liz is able to develop a deep understanding of the vision, message, and ideas that financial brands would like to bring to market. The result? Marketing campaigns which can promote future growth and position a firm to engage the next generation of investment clients.

Before joining Marketing Wiz, Liz managed her own marketing and design firm for nearly a decade. In this role, she managed marketing campaigns for nationwide firms, mid-sized companies, and local mom-and-pop shops in her home town. After running her own firm, Liz moved on to working for a global application development agency which serviced the film industry. She was the primary point of contact with companies like Sony, Warner Brothers, and Disney while developing digital campaigns to promote films like Carrie, Smurfs 2, Man of Steel, and The Conjuring.

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